I have been in the tv and online production industry for 10 years, working on several animated series, pilots, shorts as well as online content, storyboards and pre-viz for advertising. 
I started Working as a director for ASB in 2019, where I have developed 100s of short form animations for broadcast adverts. Below are some examples of storyboards I have illustrated, final animations I have directed and also the broadcast tvcs which you can see for comparison...
I created this animation for ASB as a marketing video to showcase the talent of the worldwide studios I was directing. below are the storyboards I created for the original pitch and above you can see the final video.
I also developed the below animation scenes as part of a marketing project to show different character styles available for our clients to choose...
...designing the original character 'billy' as an example of a cartoon style.
below are a series of pre-viz animations I directed for brands to test their scripts before being made into the final broadcast adverts. first up is a project for old El Paso...
Here is the animation I directed
and for comparison the final TVC which used my animation as a basis
I also created the below animation for the brand 'dove' for their self esteem campaign, to help young people to use less filters and see themselves in a more positive way. you can see the animation I directed and the final TVC which used my animation as a basis.
The Animation I directed
the final broadcast TVC which was created using my storyboards and animation as previzualisation.
I worked with PepsiCo to create the below animation, a test for the final tvc featuring several famous football players for the new lays campaign.
The animation I directed
the TVC which was created using my directed storyboards and animation as a basis
here are some examples of my previous animation work and descriptions of the productions I worked on before asb.
While working at Factory Create, I was the lead CG Artist for two series of 'Clangers' for CBeebies. Here I worked IN the Stop Motion studio, supervising shots that needed VFX and liaising with the directors, art department and camera crew to produce all the digital artwork, animation and VFX for the BAFTA winning preschool animated series.
26 x 22" episodes of Strange hill high for cbbc
working with show runner josh Weinstein (Simpsons, Futurama, gravity falls) I was a vfx and cgi generalist for 2 series of the mixed media, puppet show meets 3d animation series.
wwf tigers children's animation
I directed, designed and edited a 1 min 30 second animation for wwf tigers to promote the tx2 campaign.
sky arts 'urban myths' animation
working alongside production team 'two brothers' I designed and animated a short sequence for the sky arts comedy/drama 'urban myths'
researcher 6 months blue Peter
while working in house for cbbc, I spent 6 months working on blue Peter as a camera operator, editor, designer and animator
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